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Searching for the perfect NZ Made Self Tan? Your search ends here!
Created in New Zealand for Busy Bodies that do not have time to wait for Self Tanning products to dry, our Bronzing Mist ticks all the boxes.
  • 10 second drying time  (Yes, please)
  • Little to NO transfer onto clothes and sheets (Bye, bye pink sheets!)
  • Non sticky (It’s true)
  • Natural Olive colour (No Orange or yellow tones here lovelies)
  • Created and made right here in New Zealand (Shop local!)
We would love to have you join the #littlehoneyglow!

How to apply your self tan

Prepare – 5 min

  • For the best result, prepare your skin by exfoliating well. Paying particular care to areas with dry or thicker skin (such as elbows, knees and ankles).

Apply – 10 min

  • Spray 2-3 pumps of the instant tanning mist onto your flawless blending glove and apply to bare, dry skin in a circular buffing motion.

  • Start with the larger areas first (such as the shoulder), using most of the tan on your glove – then when it comes to going over the areas of the body that tend to grab (such as elbows, knees, and ankles) ‘flick’ what’s remaining in the glove over those areas – creating a fade to lighter coverage.

  • Repeat these application steps, blending well until you are happy with your tan.

Go – 10 seconds

  • Throw on your clothes and go!
    It dries within 10 seconds of application. Isn’t sticky. Has little to no transfer onto clothes or sheets. And has a light honey vanilla scent.

Rinse – 4 hours later

  • Our self tan takes 4 hours to fully develop.
    So even if you do leave it on overnight, or all day and then rinse it off several hours later – your Little Honey tan will be as dark as it will go, after those first 4 hours. Your finished tan will last 5-7 days.

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