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From almost the moment hair is colored, it is exposed to stresses that erode color vibrancy and luster. Repeated washing, sun exposure, pollution, and mechanical treatments cause color to weaken, fade, and dull. Keracolor is the new vision for hair color; devoted to not only to protecting beauty, but overall health and wellness of your hair. The Keracolor line is infused with our signature Keratin that intensely condition, strengthen, smooth and nourish your hair with each use.

Our Color + Clenditioners are perfect for refreshing your hair in so many different ways.




PRECAUTIONS: With any dye, this product may cause skin irritation on certain individuals.
A preliminary patch and strand test should be performed before use.

1. Take a small strand of the hair, usually in a more hidden part of your head

2. Leave the product on for 5-10 min.

3. Check if you like the color and saturation levels, leaving it on for different amounts of time depending on the intensity you are looking for.


1. Start with hair wet or dry.

4. Rinse

2. Section hair and apply the product generously. Gently massage the color evenly during application. You can use a wide-tooth comb for even distribution

5. Style as usual.

3. Leave on for 3–20 minutes, depending on the color saturation intensity you desire.

6 Enjoy your new look!

Important Notes: For maximum intensity, do multiple applications until desired color is achieved. Color + Clenditioner can be applied to dry hair for a bolder color. For more vibrant tones of color - bleached or prelightened hair to start is recommended. To maintain achieved tone, alternate with Clenditioner. Our Color + Clenditioners contain semi-permanent direct dye pigments and will gradually fade out from hair. Color results and longevity of hair color is dependent on the condition and porosity of the hair, and the intensity of the shade.

***If you are going to make a drastic color change, consult with a salon professional

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