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Blond Wavy Hair
Home of the famous "ugly brush"

Miracle Detangling, Pain Free, Soothing , Scalp Massaging, Lightweight, Kid Friendly, Knot Killing Brush

lust coco brush

At LITTLE BRONZ SHOP, we have put a lot of thought into the brands we stock. We want to provide you with a variety of hair and beauty brands that are environmentally conscience, ethical, caring, that you can trust & that work. We have chosen brands that are boutique and high-end.  A variety of incredible products for you to enjoy.

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Check out whats happening at HQ!

Back home in the Salon (home sweet home) we have been busy creating , shoot on over and check out what we can do for your Hair Health and Happiness.

Here at littlebronzshop we have what you need to heal/maintain/train/revamp/spoil and reward your hair, plus some really beautiful cosmetic brands to enhance that face .


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